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Last Day as P1

At the beginning of the year 2016 I was full of worries and very anxious of my daughter’s academic development I know something is not right …

I was looking for schools near our place and found Glory Singapore International School. I was intimidated by the fact that Singaporean Schools are known to have strong academic standards and as stated International Schools can be expensive and might be hard for me to finance.

I followed my guts and scheduled a meeting with the Director. Meeting K. Orasa gave me a good feeling that this is the right School for @jamaicabc04 and so we were scheduled for the exam. When results came out I was shaking because she was so behind, K. Orasa made a deal with me to facilitate her transfer ASAP and see if she can catch up so she won’t be needing to repeat Primary 1, with high hopes and with tight budget after a month she transferred.

First month was pretty tough since I have to fly out of TH for training for 3 weeks,my daughter is getting stress with the catching up and homeworks would make her stay up until 11pm just to finish.

Moving forward she did adjust with the help of her teachers, Special shoutout to Teacher Anthony and Teacher Jun for helping her in her schoolworks and building her confidence. Special thanks to Khun Orasa for accepting us in her school and for just being her-helpful, positive and genuine.

My daughter never complained of getting up early and going to school for the last 4 months.

Thank you GSIS and we look forward to more years with you ♡♡♡

Anyang Bautista