Khun Pamela Testimony

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Khun Pamela Testimony
Today I talked with the school owner of my 2 daughters, and every time I am impressed listening to her valuable experiences as a mom. She is like the big mother for all students with a very important job, where she listens to all parents’ need and want with her heart.
The movie that I share ” The Blind Side ” is what I wanted to give to her. She is like a mom who builds and develops  humans resourses to become good members of society in the future.
I would like to thank my friend, khun  Louis Lo for your enlightenment introducing me to this school.
And I would like to thank the Glory Big Mama who takes care of all the children at the school as if they were her own children.
Lastly, I would like to thank my husband, a man who supports every decision I make as a mother to his fullest effort.
I would like to recommend this movie (The Blind Side). It is about a woman who is not the biological mother of this child, but still wants to build his future and dreams.
(Khun Pamela, Noodee and Sandee’s mother )
我要感谢我的朋友(Louis Lo)介绍了这所学校给我。
(来自 khun Pamela, Noodee and Sandee’s mother )